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We are witnessing changing enterprise data platform needs due to exponential growth in the size of data to be processed, the need for real-time data processing, data in various structures and formats, and the amalgamation of traditional BI and big data systems. These phenomena demand a completely new enterprise platform that is scalable, dynamic, data formats agnostic, quick to deploy, and extremely cost-efficient for the build and operations. Akira’s Data and Analytics caters to this need via a focused Data Operations offering. In addition, an automation and innovation-driven approach will bring radical improvement to the way platforms are designed, built and supported.

Akira’s Data Operations Team (DOT) enable our customers with the right set of tools and technologies and managing the platform efficiently with a low cost of ownership.

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Service Offerings
  • What are Our Key Differentiators?
  • How do we deliver the best in class data operation services?
  • What’s our Engagement Model?
  • How do we mitigate the risk during transition?

Service Offerings

Platform Services

Engineering Services

Operate – Managed/ Shared Services

Infrastructure Consulting

Choosing the right Infra for the right platform, with virtualization and reference Hardware configurations.


Design and build of the platform according to the reference architecture, suitable for organization needs, including guidance on the tools and process setup.

Managed Services

End to end operations management for the entire BI / Data platforms.


Framework to decide on correct infra setup including cloud vs On-Premise: To target cost savings without compromising on performance.

Security setup

Setting up appropriate security levels following organization controls and governance policies.

Shared Services

Setting up a shared services team to support full-stack BI / Data platforms (Ingestion/ETL – Data Stores – Reporting/Visualization).

Platform Governance

Process and productivity improvement. All aspects of platform governance setup like security, implementation and workload governance.

Capacity Planning

Initial sizing and ongoing utilization trend monitoring for capacity changes.

Environment Management

Minor and Major upgrades, patching, failover/DR services.

Data Consulting

Assessment of the BI/Data roadmap with consulting regarding selecting the right BI stack / Data Platform for organization needs.

Continuous Automation

ITIL based support models

What are Our Key Differentiators?

Below are some of our key differentiators that help provide optimal Platform services:

Dedicated COE

We have a dedicated COE aimed at providing expertise in BI and Data Platform services.

Scale and Breadth of Capabilities

A wide breadth of technology services offered coupled with unmatched scale in training and skill-building.

Cost Optimization

Focus on automation enables us to lower down our costs incrementally.

Data Diagnostics and Optimization

A framework with metadata insights for defining organizational data strategy and diagnostics; Data Strategy to distribute data to commodity and enhance system performance. Data Diagnostics to discover data trends and alarm for system health.

How do we deliver the best in class data operation services?

Operational Efficiency

Leveraging our key differentiators and solutions enables pre-empting the platform environment issues, thereby ensuring higher availability of IT assets, coupled with ITIL based support model to implement best operations practices and processes.

SSS (Secure, Scalable, Stable) Platform

By leveraging best practices and experiences from multiple Data Platform setup engagements, Akira enables the creation of very secure platforms that can scale up to the increasing workload demands while providing maximum availability for a stable environment.

Cost Optimization

Identifying the optimum infra setup for CapEx optimization, combined with leveraging Akira tools and solutions, and a diligent focus on operational efficiencies and automation to bring in Opex benefits improves overall platform costs.


Focus on automation for platform data operations for improved productivity of support personnel and minimized potential of human errors.

Risk Mitigation

Adapting a customized transition strategy and mitigating the associated risk using our experience, processes, frameworks.

What’s our Engagement Model?

Fixed Cost Engagement (Scope-based):

Our managed services proposal with distributed delivery capability and leveraging more nearshore and offshore delivery centers represent significant TCO savings relative to current spend.
Our rates for platform support, infrastructure and governance across all geographies are market competitive. As a result, they will drive material value to our customers.

Optimized and flexible team sizing:

Flex Team Composition

(choose your team from below roles)
Data Engineers, Data Analysts, BI Consultants Platform & Engineers/Administrators

Core Team Composition

Technical PM

Executive Team

Data Operations COE Head & Client Partner


16 X 5 support across US time zones, Weekend support on a need basis, on calls & monitoring.

Trusted, low-risk delivery partner:

We will continue to build on our existing track record of reliable delivery while always doing and recommending what is right for the Customer.

How do we mitigate the risk during transition?

Akira’s experience, processes, framework help us in mitigating the transition risk by developing a customized strategy. The emphasis is on foreseeing roadblocks for the project as seen on the right side and ensuring that workarounds and mitigation steps are in place so that they do not impact the project adversely.

Lack of Documentation
SME Attrition and Unavailability
Timely Access to Systems
Process & System Disparity
Cultural Gaps
Organizational Change Management
Schedule Slippage and Overrun

Innovation led Delivery:

Free consulting support up to 100 hours for a 12 months contract towards joint innovation. Our current and pipeline frameworks provide significant value in an increase in speed to market and quality.

Product Agonistic Platform Support

Below are some of the key products that we provide Platform services:

Data Tools

BI Tools

Looking for More Information on Supporting a Data Platform?

We know it can be challenging to build and support a data platform that maintains clean data, caters to business users, and drives efficiency.

If you have more questions or don’t know where to start building or managing a data platform, please reach out and talk to one of our experts!