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We Are Akira
Our Capabilities


Quantitative analysis

“Unlock the transformative potential of machine learning, cloud services, and expert professionals with our comprehensive analytics solutions. Our organization is dedicated to revolutionizing your data-driven decision-making process.

Our team of machine learning experts is at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. From data preparation to model development and deployment, we provide end-to-end support for your machine learning projects. Leverage our expertise to improve business performance, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge. 

Seamlessly transition your data to the cloud with our cloud data strategy, execution, and migration services. We help you develop a robust cloud data strategy tailored to your business needs, execute smooth data migration, and optimize your cloud-based data architecture. Trust us to ensure data security, accessibility, and scalability, enabling you to fully leverage the benefits of cloud computing. 

Our team comprises experienced data scientists, machine learning engineers, and cloud architects who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your projects. We understand the intricacies of data analysis, model development, and cloud infrastructure, providing you with insights and solutions that drive business growth.”

Our quantitative analysis services provide you with accurate and insightful data-driven insights that can help you make informed decisions. We utilize advanced statistical and mathematical techniques to analyze large datasets and identify key patterns and trends.

Use Cases
Use Cases

Demand Prediction Modelling for Arrival of Spare Parts

Trent Pricing/Marketing Analytics

Predictive & Prescriptive modelling

With our predictive and prescriptive modelling services, we can help you anticipate future outcomes and optimize your business strategies.

Our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology and sophisticated algorithms to develop models that predict and prescribe the best course of action for your business.

Use Cases
Use Cases

Machine Life Prediction Image Analytics

TFS – DS project (web scraping)

Machine Learning & NLP

Our machine learning and natural language processing services use the latest technologies to analyze and interpret large amounts of data.

Our solutions can help you automate processes, improve customer experience, and make more informed decisions based on insights extracted from unstructured data.

Use Cases
Use Cases

Credit Risk Scoring Engine

Web & Social Media Analytics

Our web and social media analytics services enable you to track and analyze customer behavior and engagement across different online platforms.

We use advanced analytics tools to help you identify your target audience, track customer sentiment, and improve your online marketing campaigns.

Use Cases
Use Cases

Solar farm power output prediction model using deep learning

ML Engineering

Our ML engineering services provide end-to-end support for machine learning projects, from data preparation to model deployment.

Our team of experts can help you develop, train, and deploy machine learning models that improve your business performance and enhance your customer experience.

Use Cases
Use Cases

Deep Learning Recommender System

Graph Database & Analytics

Our graph database and analytics services enable you to store, manage, and analyze complex relationships between data points.

We use graph-based data models and advanced analytics tools to help you uncover insights that would be difficult to find using traditional relational databases.

Model Deployment, Maintenance & Update services

Our model deployment, maintenance, and update services provide you with ongoing support for your machine learning models.

We help you deploy models to production environments, monitor performance, and update models as needed to ensure that they continue to deliver optimal results.

Cloud Data Strategy, Execution & Migration

Our cloud data strategy, execution, and migration services help you move your data to the cloud and optimize your cloud-based data architecture.

We help you develop a cloud data strategy, execute data migration, and ensure that your data is secure and accessible in the cloud.

Data Virtualization Solutions

Our data virtualization solutions enable you to access and analyze data from multiple sources, regardless of where it is stored.

We use virtualization technology to create a single, unified view of your data that is easy to access and analyze, no matter where it is located.

Approach to BI

The years of experience and conviction that our consultants bring to the table across industries helps us dig deeper into seemingly simple problems.

Always keeping an eye on the big picture, we root for generating actionable insights and eventually automating reporting engines that help track important KPIs, saving bandwidth of decision makers to focus on deeper, more complex problems.

How it starts

The Business Intelligence and Analytics practice @ AKIRA consists of experts who are adept at answering some of the toughest, most impactful questions using aids that are simple, user friendly and will have the maximum rate of adoption. For change management, decision making or even to get a cockpit view of the health of an organization, some of our solutions act as the catalyst. We believe in user-friendly solutioning using a white box approach, and partner our clients from the discovery phase to the delivery and adoption, always tuning our solutions for the highest accuracy whilst navigating and empathizing with all the constraints of an organization.

Our consultants meet with decision makers and their org, including stakeholders that stand to benefit from the overarching solution. We use this exploratory phase to understand the current workings and pain points that need redressal using the power of data-driven solutioning.


Assimilating our learnings from the discovery phase, we move towards identifying the laundry list of problems and work with business to assign priorities to this list.

Thereafter, we dive headlong into the data, exploring and bringing ideas to the table, building wireframes with an identified outcome. We work in a systematic manner, always keeping stakeholders on board and working on a white box solution that we’re happy to deploy into the client’s environment, keeping their data security systems in mind.

Why BI

The intermediate step between setting up data infrastructure and advanced data science solutioning, lies the space where business learns how to utilize data, the power which calculation of simple metrics holds in driving key decisions.

We believe in promoting a data driven decision making culture in an org, and understanding business performance metrics, for example, is the first step towards this long term journey.

What we can do

  1. We bring cross-industry time-tested consulting experience
  2. Agility and quick turnarounds, delivering custom solutions to provide clarity day-to-day decision making
  3. Tech and domain agnostic approach that help stakeholders to broaden their thinking
  4. Unparalelled learnings from following fast-fail approaches

Solution Approach

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We Are Akira